Strategize for Design Impact

Design strategy is a meeting point between what’s valuable for customers and profitable for businesses. It ensures your team produces what your business needs to align its success to its customers’ needs. Aligning business vision with design goals enables one to strategize for design impact. 

Here are some benefits for defining a UX strategy for your organization before starting any project -

  • Align business vision with project goals – It enables organizations to align the business vision to project goals. Tieing designs back to business goals shows executives what’s in it for them (and the business).
  • Plan activities with metrics & measures  – Defining the target business outcomes allows identifying metrics to measure success. Tracking the metrics will help the team to have a clear understanding of what their project goals look like.
  • Outline team competencies –  A team’s design maturity is driven by its competencies. Set up your team with clear knowledge of required competencies.
  • Visualize ROI – Tieing customer-focused initiatives to money and numbers show a better story than any other proof. Focus on data and analytics, target the right customers and put customers first in everything you do to drive metrics and showcase the strong RoI of customer experience.

Cubyts allows you to create strong case studies with data and hard numbers to tell powerful stories to executive management and helps to strategize so that the team produces what the business needs to align its success to its customers’ needs.