Employ Org’s Knowledge Pool

Organizational wisdom is like a muscle memory that once goes into the system to strengthen the core/ structure of the organization.

Team/Org have defined processes, frameworks, and infrastructure to accumulate and reuse knowledge. Employ Org’s Knowledge Pool to save time and resources by making the content searchable as well as making recommendations when starting a new project of a similar type. 

For an organization to emerge and thrive in the long term, a sustained sense of continuity and value comes through -

  • A design repository – Creating a common design repository help organizations to have a single source of truth for all and have quick access to standardized design systems, brand guidelines, common frameworks, libraries of templates, and artifacts.
  • Access and reuse design artifacts – Having such common repositories helps organizations to make the past information easily accessible and reuse that information for current and future projects.
  • Define archetypes – By identifying common emerging design patterns, also opens the door for learning the organization’s best practices or defining the archetypes, which can be easily copy-paste in the future same scenario to save time and resources.
  • Scale design function – Having all the content saved and stored at one common place enables to build a common source of artifacts and libraries which builds the standard design processes, templates, and frameworks. This standardization of processes helps the organization to scale the design function efficiently and effectively.

Cubyts, as a DesignOps Platform, continuously guide and recommend insights within or across the organization to make better design decisions, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the user experience of products & services and well-defined design systems and processes.