Orchestrate DesignOperations

Orchestrate DesignOperations to build a scalable design function that supports the optimization of people-ops, processes, data, and craft. Kevin Hoffman defines  DesignOps as “All the work things designers need to do that aren’t designing.”

DesignOps helps companies to:

  • Set processes and frameworks – DesignOps is about designing processes and defining frameworks, identifying the critical gaps and weaknesses of existing processes, and build a process that would optimize designers’ day-to-day workflow—maximize engagement and reduce duplicated efforts.
  • Enable team coordinationDesignOps is the glue that holds the organization together, and the bridge that enables collaboration among cross-disciplinary team members. Tools can certainly help, but good communication, feedback loops, and strong leadership are the foundation on which efficient teams are built.
  • Empower team with right tools and data – DesignOps recognizes the need for harmony between processes, toolsets, and the people who use them. DesignOps empowers the team with the right set of tools needed to work efficiently.  They standardize the tooling and systems used, as well as introduce new tools and make sure designers adopt them.
  • Give access to organization knowledge DesignOps give access to saved and stored artifacts and libraries which build the standard design processes, templates, and frameworks. This standardization of processes helps the organization to scale the design function efficiently and effectively.

‘DesignOps is about breaking silos and communicating design value to stakeholders’