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Break Silos and Scale Up Design Function


Andrew is a DesignOps Manager at Gexport, a freight forwarding, and customs brokerage company. Gexport serves more than 10,000 clients and suppliers across more than 200 countries, all informed and powered by cloud software platforms. Andrew manages the different designOps teams that are spread across multiple countries.

“I have recently transitioned to grow our designOps team and one of the biggest pain points that I’m trying to solve is having one source of truth for work in progress across different product groups and points of contact.

It’s very hard to keep track of what initiatives are happening across teams, the teams feel very siloed at the moment.

Curious about what other teams do to solve this? What tools do you use, etc?”


Cubyts allows cross functional team-work, a collaborative culture to work and progress together. It allows to share the documents with other team members and give feedback in very little time, making the whole process smooth & hassle-free.

Cubyts not only helps Andrew to plan, organize all the documents on one platform but also becomes a single source of truth for all the information about different teams in just a single preview.

Cubyts plays an important role in defining the Design systems, building a framework, and a common platform for all the team members to work under a well defined structure.

Cubyts enables Andrew, as a DesignOps Manager to set-up the Gexport standard design process for design execution, and set-up the team with clear knowledge of required competencies. Andrew can also add more people working remotely to his design team through Cubyts and they’ll have a common ground to quickly get started.

Building Knowledge Center to ensure re-use, standardization and consistency

Andrew’s team has access to a library of frameworks, files, folders, documents, methodologies, and best practices stored in one place, other resources along with machine recommendations, which gives the key insights to the users.


With Cubyts, Andrew and his team were able to break silos and communicate and collaborate to scale up design function, which results in better work culture, more collaborative and informed environment with effective and improved design systems, frameworks and methods. 

Now, Andrew’s team is 60% more effective and efficient since they are able to communicate and collaborate better through Cubyts.