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Standardization of Design Tools and Processes


Standardization of Design Tools and Processes

Jenny works for ProMedEye Devices Inc. – they produce medical systems that are used in 150+ countries for eyecare. Jenny manages the design function for 15+ designers that are spread across multiple countries.

“My company has a strong culture of letting teams use the tools and operations they want; in this case, all design teams track work differently (some Trello, some use Notion, some spreadsheets). My POV is using change management to unify how all design teams track their work and so we can standardize milestones, resourcing, and how work ladders up to company goals. My preference is building an Airtable, but it’s yet another new tool that would be introduced. I’m curious to know if anyone else has had the same experience and problem, and how they tackled it.”


Let your Design teams use any tool that they want to generate artefacts. Use Cubyts to organize, share and collaborate on any kind of documents, all in one place

Cubyts not only helps Jenny to organise all the data based on the nature of the work but also gives a preview of various file types uploaded. Be it research or the design or anything else; with Cubyts Jenny and her team can upload whatever they are working on in the designated activities. She will be able to find and preview everything with one click, organised the way she always wanted it.

One single repository for all the documents you ever created, right under your nose

Every document created across projects will come together to create one smart repository that will contain Jenny’s organisation’s wisdom. She can access past projects in a jiffy, create case studies or share material between teams without ever having to spend time communicating and discussing past projects with 100 people!

Align all your projects with company vision

Cubyts pushes Jenny and her team to inculcate a methodical approach toward building design outcomes. She, on Cubyts can not only state and prioritise her Company’s vision but also associate projects and goals with those. So now, the business team, the design team and everyone else can seamlessly connect the dots.

Track your project goals efficiently with metrics and measurement tools

Cubyts establishes metrics and measurement activities as one of the key pillars of a successful design project. It makes every goal achievable by enabling Jenny to associate them with recommended metrics and measurement activities. Within no time, she can periodically start tracking her project’s performance with actual data. Moreover it also gives an overview of metrics across projects to help her quickly identify the gaps and take immediate action.


With Cubyts, Jenny and her team are able to collaborate effectively & efficiently with various team members spread across multiple geographies irrespective of the wireframing/prototyping tools they are using.

Jenny’s has observed 20% improvement in the team productivity – adding one extra day to their productive work time.

In addition, due to formalization & standardization of design processes, Jenny & team observed a huge improvement in design maturity of every project that they delivered.