Introduction to Design Repository System

Introduction to Design Repository System

Understand what is a Design Repository System, how to build & organize a design repository. Also, know the difference between a Design Repository & Design Systems.

A design repository system captures, organizes, and categorizes knowledge-based information. It is the conscious process of defining, structuring, retaining, and sharing the knowledge and experience of employees within an organization. It may include loosely-held patterns or best practices that have been around for years. No matter how good or bad those ideas are, there’s no denying that the patterns and practices you’ve cultivated in the past will positively affect your future work.

What's the difference between a design repository and design systems?

This effort will deliver a consistent experience for any feature or product within the organization (even if they’re developed by different teams or in different countries).

“Design Repository is a place for ideas, discoveries, and refinement.”

Creating a common design repository help organizations to have a single source of truth for all and have quick access to standardized design systems, brand guidelines, common frameworks, libraries of templates, and artifacts. Having such standard repositories helps organizations make past information easily accessible and reuse that information for current and future projects. It also opens the door for learning about best practices, lessons learned, and overall organizational improvement.

Difference between Design repository and Design Systems

How do I build a rich repository?

Cubyts enables organizations to store, retain, share and have full access to past projects and re-use the available content, making the processes faster and easier. Such organizations can better respond to changing market conditions, offer better services to their customers, and increase innovation and efficiency.

The main goal of a design repository is to improve an organization’s efficiency and save knowledge within the organization.

Build a Great Design Repository on Cubyts

How do I organize my repository or make it accessible to the org?

A design repository is the most direct way to provide a consistent experience. It lends insight into what’s working and what’s not across your organization. How do I organize my repository or make it accessible to the org?

A good design repository can enable an organization to deliver new products and features without starting from scratch. It also empowers members of the organization to add their design and UI elements, patterns & process documents faster than they would be able to do had they started manually populating their repository with every new project.

A good design repository (or design system) can help your organization self-organize so that it can be used to disseminate certain information to the broader team and even promote collaboration across groups.

What’s the future of Design Repository?


Cubyts, as a DesignOps Platform, will continuously guide and recommend insights within or across the organization.