Tools for DesignOps Managers

Demand for design is surging. It’s become essential to create a lasting impact on your potential customer. These days, you need consistent brand touchpoints—from websites to social media to product packaging—for your product or service to be “sticky” recognizable.

What is the difference between a Design tool and a DesignOps tool?

“Literally everything about a design organization that doesn’t speak to (design) quality. Designers are responsible for the quality; however (quality) is defined. DesignOps is literally responsible for everything else.”

~ Peter Merholz,
Org Design for Design Orgs

Statistically, designers spend 15 hours every week on Design. And the rest of their time goes into managing, organizing, collaborating, and measuring the impact of their Design.

Tools for Designers, Design Leaders & DesignOps Managers

Using the right tool is essential for any job, especially for Designers, Design Leaders, Design Managers & DesignOps Managers. Sometimes we can’t change the organization’s software, but we can often influence this process and introduce better tools.

As designers, we have more tools available than ever before to help us design exquisite software and rich interactions. Intuitive Planning, Effective collaboration, executing ideas into splendid prototypes, and track & measure the outcome of the final product. For each of these design stages, various tools are available in the market. 

Let’s look at some of the tools used by companies with DesignOps, including Mailchimp, Dropbox, and LinkedIn, to more traditional companies, including Wells Fargo, Cisco, and Visa.

Planning Tools - Plan projects, activities & people

Execution Tools - Research, Design, or Test

Collaboration Tools - Communication & sharing

KPI/Impact Measurement Tools

DesignOps Tool - Cubyts vision is to be the hub of the Design life cycle

DesignOps becomes a crucial discipline to put in place the tools, environment, and group techniques to facilitate all those handovers, team-by-team, to make the new design a reality with more agility and less noise (from the original concepts) and more integration.

A platform that facilitates easy collaboration between designers and developers will lead to big wins!