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Orchestrate DesignOps with Cubyts

Time for a DesignOps Platform?

Forrester’s report puts the 2022 market of the Design industry at USD 162B and forecasts the growth at 20% CAGR. According to StatistaCharts, the Software market was at USD 169B in 2007, the time when the DevOps movement addressed the fatal level of dysfunction in the industry.

Are we ready for the exponential growth of the Design market? What are the challenges that might plague this growth?

We spoke with hundreds of design leaders, managers, and professionals and read through volumes of blogs written by concerned design practitioners. The underlying challenge we unearthed was very evident.

There are uncomfortable fault lines between three pillars of design; Strategy, Execution, and Measurement.

None of our interviewees denied the importance and power of these connected pillars, but the tools they used were not built to enable those connections. In recent years we have seen the DesignOps movement picking up to address the missing links.

But here are two problems.


Most digital enterprises are scaling their design function using their gut. Time and again, they have either been proven right or irreversibly wrong.


Businesses are using DevOps tools for DesignOps, leading to the diminished impact of design.

To address this, Cubyts has built an Intelligent DesignOps platform for design teams. Apart from some super cool features, it also integrates with various design, collaboration, and DevOps tools for a zero barrier adoption. 

In May 2022, Cubyts launched its private beta. Three months on, we have 100+ early users across 12 countries, with some encouraging inputs and feedback.

Our early adopters love the “process <> execution <> track” flow. Here are a few quotes from them.

The most significant part for me is the process and tracking of the work.

You have simplified how a team can track design metrics.

Looks like JIRA for designers. Can my dev team use this?

Today, using Cubyts, you can:

  • Set your business visions and goals
  • Create & manage your design processes
  • Plan efforts and execute design projects 
  • Build & retain design knowledge
  • Define and track your design metrics
  • Keep an eye on team allocation and utilization

Very soon, you will be able to:

  • Manage your team’s design competencies, gaps, and potential resolutions
  • Integrate with analytics tools to track metrics 
  • Participate in the DesignOps marketplace
  • Manage Design Docs in DesignGit aka CubytsGit

You can orchestrate DesignOps, your way real quick with Cubyts. We are pleased to announce that we will be publicly available in the last week of August 2022.

Here are a few key value scenarios from Cubyts:

Transition your organization’s favorite design process to a well-defined, time-bound design roadmap with specific design goals for streamlined execution.

Transition your organization's favorite design process to a well-defined, time-bound design roadmap with specific design goals for streamlined execution.

Build your best practices and design repository across tools and files types

Update your work from the place of your comfort, a.k.a Figma/Slack

Collaborate with Product Management and Dev by leveraging Cubyts - JIRA integration

Let Cubyts amplify the impact of “Your” design function

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