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Climbing the design maturity model

The platform for design driven organizations

Build a design driven organization with high business impact

As organization leader, now you can empower your design and product teams to orchestrate DesignOps with Cubyts. With Cubyts you can convert your strategic visions to design initiatives and build a design matured organization

Design Strategic Plan

Cubyts is a DesignOps platform created to manage designops and integrate design with your project/product initiatives. With decades of experience in advocating design-led product development, our founders have realized the challenges of growing organizations. To bring market differentiation, improve customer loyalty and build user centric products and services, organizations have shifted their focus from pure engineering to design driven engineering. To support this journey Cubyts is envisioned. Built grounds up to bring together the org visions and design driven product/project initiatives, Cubyts enables organizations to build a design friendly culture and brings design into the mainstream through process transparency and designer friendly collaboration.

Enable org wide standards such as design processes and best practices

Design process templates
  • Increase quality and speed of design through documented design standards
  • Define org’s favourite design processes and best practices
  • Start process driven projects in minutes

Keep all things design in a structured, searchable design repository

  • Cubyts stores documents and links along with project data, making it very easy to search and refer on demand 
  • A single source of truth for org wide design documents and links for accelerated access and reuse.    
  • Find what you want, when you want without turning your email, slack or drives upside down

Build a healthy design team

Build an effective team
  • Observe strengths and gaps in design team skills and competencies
  • Track allocations and utilization of org wide design team for streamlined execution and healthy growth

Align initiatives with organization's visions, goals and metrics

  • Capture org visions in one place
  • Define design goals and metrics
  • Initiate design initiatives and track them
Visions, Goals & Metrics

Bring design team closer to cross functional teams with integrations

  • Integrate with Slack for faster notification and quick collaboration on design activities
  • Integrate with Figma for direct access to design artifacts in tools of your choice 
  • Integrate with Jira for seamless collaboration between product and design team 

Operationalise a process matured design culture today!

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