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How to manage team allocation

The platform tailored for scaling design teams

Plan and deliver design projects with confidence

Now as a design leader and a designer you have absolute control over simultaneous projects, distributed teams, and multi format design document collaboration governed by Streamlined processes, Activities and Best practices

design management and DesignOps

Cubyts is a DesignOps platform created by designers for designers and design teams. 

The operational challenges of growing design teams cannot be simply solved by standup meetings, document storages, or amazing design tools.

We built Cubyts ground-up to bring process orientation, a culture of collaboration, accountability, and transparency.

Run projects driven by your processes and best practices

  • Create and re-use result-oriented design processes to guide, track, and trace design deliverables
  • Use rich repository of best practices and design documents for faster reference and reuse
  • Enjoy complete transparency of the design life cycle and timelines

Just map your team with activities and get the project roadmap and total effort in minutes

  • Map design activities with team and time
  • Get a quick view of total project time and effort
  • Get notified for easy workflow and project collaboration

Allocate your team to projects/activities and track utilization

  • Track allocations and utilization for each team member
  • Adjust project loading for a healthy team
  • Keep track of team’s overall skills and competencies to identify gaps and opportunities 

Drive quality of outcome and definition of done through acceptance criteria

  • Assign & create tasks for design activities and team members 
  • Define completion/acceptance criteria for design activities 
  • Ensure high quality design output
  • Build accountability and quality consciousness within the team

Start your work day with things to do and an overview of your design function

  • Get consolidated view of your to-dos 
  • Stay on top of your work 

Never hunt for design documents ever again

  • A single repository to keep all your design documents and links for accelerated access and reuse
  • Find what you want, when you want without turning your email, slack or drives upside down

Send Figma files to Cubyts without leaving Figma, ever

  • Inform your team about the work you have done without leaving your favourite tool 
  • Push Figma files to Cubyts through a widget
  • Stay accountable and connected through Cubyts-Figma integration 

Get DesignOps insights at your fingertips

  • Organization wide design initiatives and its impact
  • Comprehensive view of your team size, allocations, utilization, competencies, and hiring
  • Progress report on DesignOps standards, processes, activities and best practices.
  • Status of your design goals and metrics

Operationalise a process matured design culture today!

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