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PM guide to collaborating with design teams

The platform for design oriented product teams

Integrate design into your product operations with complete traceability

Now product leaders and cross functional team members have full visibility of design initiatives and timelines. With Cubyts the product team can plan design initiatives around backlogs, track progress though Slack or Email and get design deliveries delivered to Jira

Cubyts is a DesignOps platform created to integrate design with your product initiatives. With decades of experience in advocating design-led product development, our founders have realized the operational challenges of growing product teams. Design teams prefer to work with briefs, processes and insights. Whereas,product management & engineering teams use Jira, plan and execute their work through backlogs, epics, stories and tasks. Though the end goal is to build an amazing product, the language of the function and way of working are unique to each of them. This led to the creation of Cubyts, built grounds up to integrate the design function into product operations with a common language; including integration with popular platforms like Jira, Figma and Slack which results in the much needed homogenisation of Design and Product teams.

Map backlogs with design initiatives and track on the go

Product Backlog
  • Import your backlogs from Jira or Create them on Cubyts
  • Initiate design initiatives like a project or an activity or a task
  • Track backlogs linked initiatives on the go

Work closely with the design team across initiatives

  • Be in sync with the functioning of design team
  • Get notified on design activities and deliverables
  • Participate in approval workflows
  • Collaborate on design activities for predictable outcomes

Get all design artifacts delivered on Jira

  • Enable engineering, product and design team members engage on tools of their choice
  • Get design artifacts on Jira, directly pushed from Cubyts.

Never hunt for design documents ever again

  • A single repository to keep all your design documents and links for accelerated access and reuse.
  • Find what you want, when you want without turning your email, slack or drives upside down.

Track and trace design progress through Figma, Cubyts and Jira integration

  • Get informed about the Figma work done by design team
  • Access Figma links and images from Cubyts
  • Stay accountable and connected through Cubyts-Figma integration 

Stay connected with design activities on Slack

  • Get notified about important business events in Cubyts with supporting data
  • Enjoy single click access to specific business objects in Cubyts from Slack
  • Collaborate and take actions on a Cubyts business object from Slack

Operationalise a process matured design culture today!

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